Monthly contest

Read all about our Great Festival Throw contest below! We hope you will buy a ticket to be in with a chance to win a prize each month.

    In our last series, we offered writing challenges based on the British TV show,The Great British Bake-Off. Our judge-duos cooked up fun writing prompts often with a baking theme. For this series, inspiration for the writing contest comes from another British TV reality show, The Great Pottery Throw Down. This show, which involves amateur potters responding to challenges to make different items out of clay, is renowned for one of the judges, Keith Brymer Jones who is often moved to tears by what the contestants create. Do watch the video of him judging the work of some potters.
    Following the pottery theme, for our monthly contest this series, judges will offer ‘Throw Down’ writing challenges, based on the pictures of famous paintings on the mugs in the picture here. They will be looking for colourful, emotional stories that may move them to tears. Or make them feel other emotions. Many of the best flash fictions work so well because of their emotional resonance. That’s how connection happens between writer and reader.

Participants who come to the festival will have first draft writing time in the session, after the challenge is set. And a week to complete their story. Results will be announced two weeks later on a blog post on this website.

The winner each month will receive £30 cash prize,a free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award and the mug with the painting that inspired their story! In addition the story will be published in the fifth festival anthology, sponsored and published by Ad Hoc Fiction.
Runners up will receive a free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award and a book published by Ad Hoc Fiction plus publication in the anthology.

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