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Raffle Prize donated by Charmaine Wilkerson
A week’s accommodation in a loft-style suite near Rome

Thank you very much to writer Charmaine Wilkerson, who won the inaugural novella-in-flash award with her novella How to Make a Window Snake, for donating one week’s accommodation in a loft in a village near Rome as a prize for our festival raffle. It’s a wonderful prize for a writer. When Charmaine manages to get out of Rome, where she lives, this is one of the places where she goes to write and read. It looks so lovely from the pictures. We’re sure you’d like to buy some raffle tickets to be in with a chance of winning. All raffle money goes to Book Aid International.

“This writer’s hideaway is a one-bedroom, loft-style suite located in the historic section of a small town in the province of Viterbo, about a 75-minute drive north of Rome. There’s a separate entrance, living room, one and ½ bathrooms, heating, Wi-Fi, a fridge, and an electric kettle and espresso maker.

The village is between Orte and Viterbo, right across the valley from several towns in Umbria, in the ancient stronghold of the pre-Roman, Etruscan culture.

What’s great for a writer is that not a lot happens in that town, but you have access to the basic amenities (cafe’, bakery, pharmacy, post office) and there’s plenty to see nearby.

Hot and cold springs, parks with ancient sculptures, historic cities like Viterbo, with its papal palaces and famed medieval quarter. Underground tunnels and wells that date back to the Iron Age”

We’re delighted that Charmaine is able to come to the festival in Bath and look forward to meeting her.

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Chris Fielden, hitting stuff with sticks and trying to count to 4.

The Dark Secrets of the Cliché Cabin
Chris Fielden

a place of shadow and word-related nightmares, where writers are encouraged to wantonly break ‘rules’ and covet such literary evils as… clichés

While perusing the fabulous programme of events on offer at the 2017 Flash Fiction Festival, you may have noticed a mention of the Colossal Cliché Count Writing Challenge.

What’s that? you thought. It sounds mental.

It is. But it’s fun too. I’m going to tell you about it.

I’m Chris Fielden. I’m an award winning and Amazon bestselling author. I’m not as clever as the previous sentence makes me sound.

I play the drums. There are lots of jokes about drummers being simple for good reason…

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Bath panorama: Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Accommodation, Food & Drink
Diane has it all covered

Now that I’ve recovered from an anxiety dream about the caterers not turning up (it all worked out well – Jude cooked everyone cauliflower cheese), I’m really enjoying my hospitality role for the flash festival. Sourcing a mobile bar has been my least favourite job so far – I have no idea why businesses don’t reply to emails or phone calls. But it all had a happy ending (like the dream) and I’m really pleased with the team we’ve got running the bar. I’ll be liaising with them later about numbers and making sure they’ve got enough wine! The bar will be open for most of the festival.
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Full Scholarships & Reduced Cost Places
Santino Prinzi

Literature and words are all around us. The Bath Flash Fiction Award and the National Flash Anthologies attract submissions from around the world, from writers young and old, experienced and new. No matter who you are or where you come from, all readers and writers know the joy that can be found by completely immersing themselves into the worlds we create with words.

Flash Fiction continues to exponentially grow in popularity, and it seems there is no stopping it. But who would want to? As the flash community grows ever wider, I certainly feel that there’s no dilution in the way flash writers and readers support and encourage each other. The prospect, then, of being able to be a part of the U.K.’s first ever literary festival dedicated purely to flash fiction is, of course, exciting. The festival means that there will be opportunities to take part in engaging writing workshops, listen to flash fiction writers read their stories aloud, but also to be able to meet one another, to put physical faces to Twitter handles, and to celebrate flash fiction together.
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