Cliché Cabin

Chris Fielden, hitting stuff with sticks and trying to count to 4.

The Dark Secrets of the Cliché Cabin
Chris Fielden

a place of shadow and word-related nightmares, where writers are encouraged to wantonly break ‘rules’ and covet such literary evils as… clichés

While perusing the fabulous programme of events on offer at the 2017 Flash Fiction Festival, you may have noticed a mention of the Colossal Cliché Count Writing Challenge.

What’s that? you thought. It sounds mental.

It is. But it’s fun too. I’m going to tell you about it.

I’m Chris Fielden. I’m an award winning and Amazon bestselling author. I’m not as clever as the previous sentence makes me sound.

I play the drums. There are lots of jokes about drummers being simple for good reason…

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