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Festival Support for the Cash-Strapped Writer

Watercolour of Trinity College by one of last year’s participants

Festival Hosts

The form to apply for reduced cost places by February 29th is at the end of this post.
We’re also looking for more Bristol writers who will host other writers for the festival weekend. And more people who will offer very low cost accommodation locally for the two nights. Contact Diane Simmons if you can offer anything and need more information. .

Caravan Accommodation

If you have a camper van or a caravan with toilet facilities, there are spaces for five caravans/campers on the site with electric hook up. £15 per night. Contact us on the help desk for booking.

Apply for full or half price places by the end of February.

We currently have four full price places worth £250. These can also be split into half cost places, available for those with limited funds. Thank you very much to Hall and Woodhouse, two anonymous donors, (who also donated full price places last year) and the US based literary online magazine Smokelong Quarterly for supporting the festival.(Read more about Smokelong and their presence at previous festivals). If any other writers/organisations/individual wish to donate a full or half price place to give further opportunities for those who can’t afford to come, please contact us as soon as possible. We would very much appreciate this support

Please complete this form before midnight on Sunday 29th February, UK time to be considered for a reduced cost ticket.

As there are only a limited number of these tickets, we do ask that you provide us with as much information as possible to help us make our decisions, but only provide as much information as you feel comfortable sharing with us. We respect the need for confidentiality and we will not share any information you provide to us with anyone outside of the Festival Team.

Please tick any that apply:

Please select one option:

Please tick this box to show you understand that travel, accommodation and meals are not included.

What would it mean to you as an individual and as a writer to be able to attend the Flash Fiction Festival?

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Pre-festival workshops with Kathy Fish and Nuala O’Connor

As an added bonus we have two three-hour pre-festival workshops with Nuala O’Connor and Kathy Fish. They are taking place in parallel from 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm on Friday 19th June at Trinity College. Open to those not able to attend the whole festival as well as those who’ve booked for the week end. Kathy’s workshop is now sold out but there are currently spaces on Nuala’s workshop. Book soon!

Nuala O’Connor

Historical Flash Fiction with Nuala O’Connor
Taking our cue from historical people, places and/or events, this workshop will guide participants through practical theory on how to write effective flash and, using various prompts, we will write our own historic flashes in-class. We will also look at sample historical flashes from accomplished writers. Handouts will be provided.
Nuala says, ‘Historical fiction gets a bad rap; on the one hand authors like Hilary Mantel and Sarah Waters are much-garlanded, and rightly so, and on the other, the very term ‘historical fiction’ puts some people off. But in a world where it’s difficult to escape geographically anymore – everywhere seems to have been infiltrated – escapism into the past via historical narratives can feel like exploring untouched territory. And, anyway, what is contemporary historical fiction only a view of the past, with twenty-first century biases, limitations and necessarily particular knowledge? In historical flash we can make something new of the past by answering the needs and preoccupations of today in narratives set in former times.’

Nuala O’Connor is an Irish historical novelist, flash fiction and story writer. She lives in Co. Galway, Ireland. In 2019 she won the James Joyce Quarterly competition to write the missing story from Dubliners, ‘Ulysses’. Her fourth novel, Becoming Belle, was published to critical acclaim in 2018 in Ireland, the UK, the USA and Canada. Her next book is a bio-fictional novel about Nora Barnacle, wife and muse to James Joyce. Nuala is editor at flash e-zine Splonk. She has won many flash and short fiction awards including the Dublin Review of Books Flash Fiction Prize, The Gladstone Flash Prize, RTÉ radio’s Francis MacManus Award, the Cúirt New Writing Prize, the inaugural Jonathan Swift Award and the Cecil Day Lewis Award. She was shortlisted for the European Prize for Literature.

Kathy Fish

A Brain, a Heart, and a Home (with a Dash of Courage): Writing Flash Fiction that Soars with Kathy Fish
Do you have a cool idea for a flash, but it falls flat? Or a flash that’s rich in emotion but you can’t quite figure out what it’s about? Maybe your flash “works” on a superficial level, but you sense there’s a deeper story to be told.
Any or all of the above are what prevent good flash fiction from becoming GREAT flash fiction. 
In this three-hour class, we’ll look at how to write flash that transcends the ordinary. We’ll write to fun, inspiring prompts and we’ll also do a revision exercise aimed at deepening the work. Students can expect to come away from this session with at least one new story and lots of new tools for crafting and revision. Feel free to bring an existing draft to work on as well!
Read in Full

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Flash Fiction Festival Three Anthologies have landed!

Flash Fiction Festival Three, the anthology published by Ad Hoc Fiction and containing stories from 82 of the participants and presenters who came to the 2019 Festival in Bristol has been arriving all over the world. Thanks to all writers who have posted pictures of their copies in different locations on Twitter and Facebook. We think we have collected up most of them so far. But if we have missed you, or you want to add yours, please let us know. Booking for this year’s festival is open and about half the places are now sold. The programme includes workshops from well known flash fiction teachers and writers from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Italy, Germany and Cyprus. The programme and the workshop details will be finalised soon. We hope you can come. All participants coming in 2020 have the opportunity to be published in our fourth festival anthology.

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Flash Fiction Festival Three Published Now!

Thank you to Ad Hoc Fiction for donating the costs of compiling, designing and printing our third festival anthology, which is available to buy now from the Ad Hoc Fiction online bookshop.

Did you know we are using the colours of the rainbow for our festival anthologies? Red, orange and now yellow. You’ll be able to build up a row of the whole rainbow spectrum on your bookshelves. And after the violet edition has been published, well we don’t know yet. A lot can happen in four years and who knows what the festival will have evolved into by then.

This year, as usual, we gave Flash Fiction Festival participants and presenters the opportunity to submit up to three micro fictions for the third festival anthology and our editing team, Jude Higgins, Santino Prinzi and Diane Simmons had the exciting task of selecting the stories. The 2019 Festival Anthology contains 82 brilliantly varied micros of 250 words or under on all subjects and themes by authors from all parts of the UK, Ireland, the USA, New Zealand, Austria Cyprus and Switzerland and many were sparked off by festival workshops. All contributors will get their free copy shortly. Read in Full

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