Flash Fiction Festival Three Published Now!

Thank you to Ad Hoc Fiction for donating the costs of compiling, designing and printing our third festival anthology, which is available to buy now from the Ad Hoc Fiction online bookshop.

Did you know we are using the colours of the rainbow for our festival anthologies? Red, orange and now yellow. You’ll be able to build up a row of the whole rainbow spectrum on your bookshelves. And after the violet edition has been published, well we don’t know yet. A lot can happen in four years and who knows what the festival will have evolved into by then.

This year, as usual, we gave Flash Fiction Festival participants and presenters the opportunity to submit up to three micro fictions for the third festival anthology and our editing team, Jude Higgins, Santino Prinzi and Diane Simmons had the exciting task of selecting the stories. The 2019 Festival Anthology contains 82 brilliantly varied micros of 250 words or under on all subjects and themes by authors from all parts of the UK, Ireland, the USA, New Zealand, Austria Cyprus and Switzerland and many were sparked off by festival workshops. All contributors will get their free copy shortly.

In alphabetical order by first name authors included in the anthology are: Adrian Markle; Alex Reece Abbott; Alison Woodhouse; Alva Holland; Amanda Saint; Andrea Harman; Andrew Lavender; Anika Carpenter; Anita Goveas; Anne Howkins; Anne Summerfield; Asha Krishna; Ashley Chantler; Barbara Renel; Caroline Greene; Carrie Etter; Cath Barton; Christopher Stanley; Damhnait Monaghan; Danielle Coleman; Danielle Morgan Miles; Davle Alcock; David Cook; Debbi Voisey; Diane Simmons; Eleanor Walsh; Elisabeth Ingram Wallace; Emily Devane; Farhana Shaikh; Felicity Cowie; Fiona J. Mackintosh; Gina Headden; Grace Palmer; Hannah Storm; Helen Rye; Ingrid Jendrzejewski; Jan Kaneen; Jeanette Sheppard; John Wheway; Jude Higgins; Judy Darley; June Palmer; Karen Jones; Kevlin Henney; K.M. Elkes; Laurie Stone; Louise Mangos; Marissa Hoffmann; Mary-Jane Holmes; Matthew Thorpe Coles; Meg Pokrass; Michael Loveday; Nancy Stohlmman; N G Bristow; Nod Ghosh; Nora Nadjarian; Nuala 0’Connor; Patrick Widdess; Peter Blair; Peter Wortsman; Roberta Beary; Ross Jeffrey; Ruth Foster; Santino Prinzi; Sarah Leavesley; Sarah M Jasat; Sarah Mosedale; Sarah Salway; Sean Hannan; Sherri Turner; Sherry Morris; Steven John; Susan Comer; Susmita Bhattacharya; Su Yin Yap; Sylvia Petter; Tim Craig; Toru Cobblers; Tracy Fells; Vanessa Gebbie; Victoria Richards; Zoe Duffy.

Nearly half the places have gone for next year’s festival taking place 19-21st June, again at the lovely venue, Trinity College Bristol,so book now for all the flash fiction fun and to be in with a chance of being included in Flash Fiction Festival Four,the green edition.

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