Flash Fiction Festival Anthology, Volume Four

We’re thrilled that Flash Fiction Festival Volume Four, the anthology of stories from the nine online festival days, March 2021 – January 2022, sponsored by Ad Hoc Fiction, is officially published today, 25th March in the first flush of spring and you can buy it from the Ad Hoc Fiction bookshop and shortly from Amazon in paperback. (ebook will come later). We’re building a rainbow of anthologies from the online and in person flash fiction festivals. And now we have a green colour to add to the red, orange and yellow flash fiction festival anthologies already published. It is so good to publish this green covered anthology now after the haitus due to the pandemic and cancelled in-person flash festivals. There’ll be an opportunity to be published in the Flash Fiction Festival Volume Five if you attend the weekend festival of flash in Bristol this year, 8th to 10th July. We’ll be open for submissions after the festival has finished and it will also included the winners and runners up from the online festival days in February and March this year and Pokrass Prize. which is for all of the in-person festival participants

A free copy of Flash Fiction Festival Four has now been posted to all contributors and some are already arriving. We’d love to see pictures in situ. Contributor copies have been sent to many parts of the UK, US, Italy, France, Ireland, India, Bangladesh, Canada and the US. The anthology is split into four sections: Stories by Festival Presenters and Judges; Winners from Festival Writing Challenges, March 2021 to January 2022; The Cup Cake Contest, hermit crab flash, winners and Stories submitted by Festival Participants. Some writers have more than one story in the book. There is a fantastic array of brilliant flash fictions within the pages. The eighty five stories in total are by:

Adele Rickerby, Ali McGrane, Alison Woodhouse, Amy Barnes, Andrea Harman, Anita Goodfellow, Anita Goveas, Annie Bien, Asha Krishna, Barbara Renel, Becca Carson, Bonnie Meekums, Cath Barton, Cheryl Markosky, Corrine Leith, Damhnait Monaghan, Davena O’Neil, Deborah Tomkins, Debra A Daniel, Diane Simmons, E.E. Rhodes, Farhana Shaikh, Finnian Burnett, Fiona McKay, Gina Headden, Hannah Storm, Ingrid Jendzrekewski, Jan Kaneen, Jason Jackson, Jeanette Sheppard, John Wheway, Jona Ray, Jude Higgins, Judy Darley, Karen Jones, Kate Campbell, Kate Simblet, Kathryn Aldrdige-Morris, Kathy Fish, K B Carle, Kim Bundy, K M Elkes, Laura Dobson, Marie Gethins, Marzia Rahman, Meg Pokrass, Michael Loveday, Nancy Stohlman, Neil Clark, Nuala O’Connor, Olwen Wilson, Pamela Painter, Patience Mackareness. Patricia Q Bidar, Phillip Charter, Roberta Beary, Robert Barrett, Rosaleen Lynch, Sage Tyrtle, S. A. Greene, Sara Hills, Sharon Telfer, Slawka G Scarso, Stella Klein, Sudha Balagopal, Susmita Bhattacharya, Tania Hershman, Tavia Allan, Tommy Dean, Valerie Fox.

Thank you to everyone for coming to our series of festival days, The Great Festival Flash Off, and The Great Festival Throw Down. The last of the current series of online festival days ends this Saturday 26th March with 4 30 min workshops by Kathy Fish, Michael Loveday, Jude Higgins and David Swann, and a 90 min one from John Brantingham, plus a contest with £30 prize and a mug, challenge set and judged by Susmita Bhattacharya, a yoga session and readings. If you want to squeeze in last minute, contact Jude today (25th March) jude (at) flashfictionfestival (dot) com All welcome, beginners or experienced writers of flash

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