More on the 4th Flash Festival Anthology

Three books, red, orange and yello with Flash Fiction Festival written on the coverWe making a rainbow of Festival Anthology books! The first three contain stories prompted by workshops at the face-to-face festivals in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Red, orange and yellow covers, pictured here. We had to cancel our festival in 2020 and our plans for another anthology but we’re publishing the fourth anthology, sponsored by Ad Hoc Fiction later this year. And it will be green, the next colour in the order of the rainbow.

If you attend any of the six festival days, you can submit up to three stories (300 word max) by September 6th for consideration for the anthology. Send to story {at} flashfictionfestival {dot} com. Places are still available for booking on the festival days in May, June, July and August. Check out all the wonderful things happening on those days on the programme which include the Flash-Off writing challenges with great prizes each time, for three winners.

We are also publishing the winners of those challenges, 18 stories in all. And if you don’t win, why not revise and submit again to be considered for publication? It is all free. And a free print copy will be sent to all contributors worldwide. We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with in response to the workshops.

Finally the winner and runners up of the Great Festival Cupcake contest open to everyone. whether you come to the festival days or not, will be published in the festival anthology. This contest has an entry fee of £5.00 with half the money raised going to the winner and half to the Huntington’s Disease Association charity. Deadline 31st August, 2021. Judge Diane Simmons co director Flash Fiction Festivals and co-director of National Flash Fiction Day.

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